Workshop 5: Assessment of efficacy

William W. Busse, Archie F. Wilson, Saul S. Bodenheimer, Ronald D. Fairshter, Richard F. Lockey, Harold S. Nelson, Philip S. Norman, Robert E. Reisman, Patricia H. Russell, David L. Winter

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The efficacy of NBAAD can be assessed by periodic timed evaluation with precise spirometry and daily peak flow determinations and by measuring effect on airway hyperresponsiveness before, during, and after the drug trial. In addition, close monitoring and careful analyses of symptoms and use of concomitant medications are important efficacy parameters. Under certain conditions eosinophils in blood and sputum may provide useful objective criteria of efficacy. Demonstration of improvement in asthma with NBAAD should be based on a collective assessment of airway function, daily symptoms, and use of concomitant medications.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)525-528
Number of pages4
JournalThe Journal of allergy and clinical immunology
Issue number3 PART 2
StatePublished - Sep 1986
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