White-Cell β-Galactosidase Activity

Harvey S. Singer, Irwin A. Schafer

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The differential diagnosis between patients with generalized gangliosidosis and several types of genetic mucopolysaccharidoses can be a problem. In both groups of disorders the lysosomal enzyme β-galactosidase has been shown to be deficient in liver, spleen, kidney, brain and skin.1 2 3 The diagnosis of GM1 gangliosidosis is based on clinical phenotype coupled with a normal concentration of derinatan and heparin sulfate in the urine and the absence of β-galactosidase in the liver. Recently Sloan4 reported a case with deficiency of this enzyme in cultured fibroblasts. Since fibroblasts and leukocytes have similar embryologic origins, it seemed a.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalNew England Journal of Medicine
Issue number10
StatePublished - Mar 5 1970
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