Vitrectomy in eyes with peripheral retinal angioma associated with traction macular detachment

H. R. McDonald, H. Schatz, R. N. Johnson, G. W. Abrams, G. C. Brown, A. J. Brucker, D. P. Han, H. Lewis, W. F. Mieler, S. Meyers, R. B. Welch

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Purpose: Peripheral angiomas have been associated with epiretinal membranes and traction retinal detachment. The authors investigated the timing, results, and complications of vitreous surgery to remove the retinal traction and treat the peripheral vascular tumor. Methods: The authors reviewed the results of ten eyes that had undergone vitrectomy for macular pucker and/or traction retinal detachment. These eyes had either preoperative or intraoperative treatment of the peripheral tumor. Results: Patients were followed 4 to 95 months. Six eyes had nonfamilial peripheral acquired retinal hemangioma, three had von Hippel angiomas, and one had multiple large peripheral retinal angiomas associated with extensive retinal telangiectasis. Four eyes received cryotherapy and/or laser photocoagulation 2 to 3 months before surgery. In the remaining six eyes, initial treatment to the peripheral angioma was performed at the time of vitreous surgery. At final follow-up, all eyes were attached without retinal traction. Vision improved in all eyes; six (60%) achieved 20/50 or better visual acuity. Complications included recurrent epiretinal membrane (n = 3); nonregressed angiomas (n = 3); increased nuclear sclerosis (n = 2); and retinal detachment (n = 1). Conclusion: Vitreous surgery, when applied to epiretinal membranes or traction retinal detachments associated with peripheral vascular tumors, has a good chance of improving vision. Treatment of the hemangioma, before or during vitrectomy, usually results in tumor regression.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)329-335
Number of pages7
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1996
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