Twenty-five diagnoses on midline images of the brain: From fetus to child to adult

Asim F. Choudhri, Harris L. Cohen, Adeel Siddiqui, Vijay Pande, Ari M Blitz

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Midsagittal images of the brain provide a wealth of anatomic information and may show abnormalities that are pathognomonic for particular diagnoses. Using an anatomy-based approach, the authors identify pertinent anatomic structures to serve as a checklist when evaluating these structures. Subregions evaluated include the corpus callosum, pituitary gland and sellar region, pineal gland and pineal region, brainstem, and cerebellum. The authors present 25 conditions with characteristic identifiable abnormalities at midsagittal imaging. Midsagittal views from multiple imaging modalities are shown, including computed tomography, ultrasonography, and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. Standard MR imaging sequences are shown, as well as fetal MR and sagittal diffusion-weighted images. To demonstrate these conditions, fetal, neonatal, childhood, adolescent, and young adulthood images are reviewed. The differentiation of normal variants is guided by the understanding of anatomy and pathology. When a specific diagnosis is not possible, the authors present information to evaluate differential considerations and discuss when follow-up imaging may be indicated. The authors hope each case will clarify a pertinent differential diagnosis, appropriately guide patient management, and improve understanding of normal anatomy and identification of pathologic entities. It is in these hopes that the authors have presented a checklist of pertinent anatomy and pathologic entities that can build on existing search patterns. Improved confidence and accuracy in the evaluation of midsagittal images will benefit physicians and patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)218-235
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Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2018


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Choudhri, A. F., Cohen, H. L., Siddiqui, A., Pande, V., & Blitz, A. M. (2018). Twenty-five diagnoses on midline images of the brain: From fetus to child to adult. Radiographics, 38(1), 218-235.