Tumor staging in dermatology

Sima Rozati, Benedetta Belloni, Nicola Schönwolf, Antonio Cozzio, Reinhard Dummer

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TNM staging system categorizes tumors by the anatomical extent of the disease, facilitates information exchange between medical centers, and aids to determine the treatment plan and the prognosis. Nonmelanoma skin cancers (SCC together with BCC) are the most common cancers in humans and the incidence is on the rise. Melanoma accounts for the most lethal skin tumor, causing 90 % of skin cancer mortality. Recent changes of the AJCC guidelines for Melanoma staging include the mitotic rate (MR) as a relevant prognostic factor. Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a rare, neuroendocrine skin tumor with a high local, regional, and metastatic recurrence potential. Discrimination between cutaneous and non-cutaneous lymphomas is crucial, since primary cutaneous lymphomas differ dramatically in clinical behavior and outcome and require special therapeutic strategies. Soft tissue tumors are a highly heterogeneous group of tumors that are classified based on their histology. Some are slow growing with rare metastases; in contrast others are locally very aggressive with high rate of metastases.

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Title of host publicationRadiation Treatment and Radiation Reactions in Dermatology
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2015
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