Three-year outcomes of the surgery for trichiasis, antibiotics to prevent recurrence trial

Fasika Woreta, Beatriz Munoz, Emily Gower, Wondu Alemayehu, Sheila K. West

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Objective: To determine whether treatment with oral azithromycin compared with topical tetracycline reduces the recurrence of trichiasis for up to 3 years following surgery for trichiasis. Methods: The Surgery for Trichiasis, Antibiotics to Prevent Recurrence (STAR) trial is a randomized, singlemasked, clinical trial conducted in southern Ethiopia, a region where trachoma is hyperendemic. A total of 1452 patients who underwent trichiasis surgery were randomly assigned at a 2:1 ratio to either a single dose of oral azithromycin (1 g) or topical tetracycline (twice per day for 6 weeks) following surgery. Main Outcome Measures: Recurrence of trichiasis within 3 years following surgery. Results: The rate of recurrence was 10% in the azithromycin group and 13% in the tetracycline group. The azithromycin group had a 22% reduction in recurrence of trichiasis 3 years after surgery compared with the tetracycline group (P = .13). Severity of entropion at baseline was the most significant predictor of recurrence of trichiasis at 3 years. Conclusion: Trichiasis recurrence rates in the STAR trial remained low for up to 3 years following surgery. The protective effect of a single dose of azithromycin was less than at 1 year and, although not statistically significant, was still suggestive up to 3 years following trichiasis surgery. Application to Clinical Practice: A single dose of azithromycin after surgery remains an integral component of the World Health Organization's strategy for the elimination of trachoma by the year 2020. Trial Registration: Identifier: NCT00347776.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)427-431
Number of pages5
JournalArchives of ophthalmology
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2012

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