The prevalence of suicidal behaviors among Northern Plains American Indians

Pamela L. LeMaster, Janette Beals, Douglas K. Novins, Spero M. Manson, Cecelia K. Big Crow, Dedra Buchwald, Buck Chambers, Michelle L. Christensen, Denise A. Dillard, Karen DuBray, Paula A. Espinoza, Candace M. Fleming, Ann Wilson Frederick, Diana Gurley, Lori L. Jervis, Shirlene M. Jim, Carol E. Kaufman, Ellen M. Keane, Suzell A. Klein, Denise LeeMonica C. McNulty, Denise L. Middlebrook, Christina M. Mitchell, Laurie A. Moore, Tilda D. Nez, Ilena M. Norton, Heather D. Orton, Carlette J. Randall, Angela Sam, James H. Shore, Sylvia G. Simpson, Paul Spicer, Lorette L. Yazzie, Anna E. Barón, Amelia T. Begay, Cathy A.E. Bell, Mary Cook, Helen J. Curley, Mary C. Davenport, Rhonda Wiegman Dick, Marvine D. Douville, Geneva Emhoolah, Fay Flame, Roslyn Green, Billie K. Greene, Jack Herman, Tamara Holmes, Shelly Hubing, Cameron R. Joe, Louise F. Joe, Cheryl L. Martin, Jeff Miller, Robert H. Moran, Natalie K. Murphy, Ralph L. Roanhorse, Margo Schwab, Jennifer Settlemire, Donna M. Shangreaux, Matilda J. Shorty, Selena S.S. Simmons, Jennifer Truel, Lori Trullinger, Jennifer M. Warren, Theresa Wright, Jenny J. Yazzie, Sheila A. Young, Margarita Alegria, Evelyn J. Bromet, Peter Guarnaccia, Steve G. Heeringa, Ronald Kessler, R. Jay Turner, William A. Vega

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This study examined the prevalence of suicidal behaviors among 1,638 Northern Plains American Indians ages 15-57. Age and gender patterns were investigated as was comorbidity with psychiatric and substance use disorders. Data from a population-based survey indicated that suicidal behaviors were more frequently reported among females than males and among younger respondents than older respondents. In addition, suicidal behaviors were associated with depressive disorders, PTSD, substance abuse/dependence, and violent ideation/aggression. Results underscore the importance of effective and acceptable alcohol, drug, and mental health services in reducing the rates of suicidal behaviors in American Indian communities.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)242-254
Number of pages13
JournalSuicide and Life-Threatening Behavior
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 2004
Externally publishedYes

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