The forensic psychiatrist

J. R. Rappeport

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The role of the forensic psychiatrist in the criminal justice system is broad. He can offer specialized assistance at the investigative, prosecutive, and correctional stages. His experience and training should be of a nature that will help him to understand the rather complex issues to be found in the criminal justice system. Questions requiring his expertise are most often put in specific legal terms, while he is accustomed to the somewhat vague terms of medical science. As a result, psychiatric testimony is commonly expressed in terms reflecting honest differences of opinion between psychiatrists on questions involving human behavior where there are no precise or exact answers. The Supreme Bench of Baltimore Medical Service represents one model for the utilization of expert psychiatric assistance by the court. This psychiatric service strives to provide evaluations which will protect not only society but also the needs of the offender or witness.

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JournalFBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jan 1 1975

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