The association of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and statin use with inflammation and treatment outcomes in tuberculosis

Vignesh Chidambaram, Jennie Ruelas Castillo, Amudha Kumar, Justin Wei, Siqing Wang, Marie Gilbert Majella, Akshay Gupte, Jann Yuan Wang, Petros C. Karakousis

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Tuberculosis (TB) and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) have a close epidemiological and pathogenetic overlap. Thus, it becomes essential to understand the relationship between ASCVD and TB outcomes. From our retrospective cohort on drug-susceptible TB patients at the National Taiwan University Hospital, we assessed the association of pre-existing ASCVD (coronary artery disease (CAD) and atherothrombotic stroke (ATS)) with 9-month all-cause and infection-related mortality and the extent of mediation by systemic inflammatory markers. We determined the effect of pre-existing ASCVD on 2-month sputum microbiological status. Among ASCVD patients, we assessed the association of statin use on mortality. Nine-month all-cause mortality was higher in CAD patients with prior acute myocardial infarction (CAD+AMI+) (adjusted HR 2.01, 95%CI 1.38–3.00) and ATS patients (aHR 2.79, 95%CI 1.92–4.07) and similarly, for infection-related mortality was higher in CAD+AMI+ (aHR 1.95, 95%CI 1.17–3.24) and ATS (aHR 2.04, 95%CI 1.19–3.46) after adjusting for confounding factors. Pre-existing CAD (AMI- or AMI+) or ATS did not change sputum culture conversion or sputum smear AFB positivity at 2 months. The CAD+AMI+ group had significantly higher levels of CRP at TB diagnosis in the multivariable linear regression analysis (Adjusted B(SE) 1.24(0.62)). CRP mediated 66% (P = 0.048) and 25% (P = 0.033) of the association all-cause mortality with CAD+AMI and CAD+AMI+, respectively. In summary, patients with ASCVD have higher hazards of 9-month all-cause and infection-related mortality, with elevated serum inflammation mediating one to three-quarters of this association when adjusted for confounders. Statin use was associated with lower all-cause mortality among patients with ASCVD.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number15283
JournalScientific reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 2021

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