The 12th meeting of the Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group of North America (DPSG-NA): Introduction and overview

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The Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group of North America (DPSG-NA) held its 12th meeting April 1-2, 2011 in Washington DC. The meeting, which was co-hosted by the Washington Hospital Center and the University of Maryland School of Medicine focused on five broad themes: (i) the prevention of diabetes and its risk factors, such as obesity, in pregnancy; (ii) the appropriate use of pharmacotherapies for managing diabetes in pregnancy; (iii) optimal glycemic control; (iv) the value of nutrition, exercise and limiting weight gain during pregnancy and (v) the diagnosis and consequences of diabetic fetopathy. These proceedings reflect peer-reviewed papers of data presented at the meeting. Time also was allocated to discuss the perceived barriers to using the one-step, 75g oral glucose tolerance test as the first-line approach to diagnosing gestational diabetes mellitus. Responses from a survey of participants on perceived barriers to adopting this method into widespread clinical practice are discussed.

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