Surgical treatment of hyperparathyroidism improves health-related quality of life

David G. Sheldon, Faye T. Lee, Nancy J. Neil, John A. Ryan, Quan Yang Duh, John A. Butler, Michael J. Hart, Orlo H. Clark, Julie A. Freischlag, Philip D. Schneider, Lawrence Way

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Hypothesis: The surgical treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism results in an improved health-related quality of life. Design: Prospective cohort analysis of consecutive patients with primary hyperparathyroidism analyzed preoperatively and 1 year postoperatively. Setting: Academic multispecialty referral clinic. Patients: We prospectively evaluated 74 consecutive patients who underwent parathyroid exploration for primary hyperparathyroidism during a 15-month period. Interventions: The Medical Outcomes Study Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36) was administered before consultation with a surgeon. Patients were categorized based on reason for referral as either asymptomatic (group 1; n=43) or symptomatic (group 2; n=29). All patients underwent parathyroid exploration and normalization of calcium levels postoperatively. The SF-36 was then readministered after 1 year. Main Outcome Measures: Statistical analysis of preoperative and postoperative SF-36 scores, and comparisons with national norms. Results: The SF-36 was completed preoperatively and 1 year postoperatively by 72 (97%) of 74 patients. When the results were compared with published national norms, the preoperative population was significantly impaired in 5 of 8 domains, whereas the postoperative one had improved and was nearly indistinguishable from the norm. In 7 of 8 domains, the postoperative scores were significantly improved compared with preoperative scores. Group 1 patients showed significant preoperative impairment in 3 domains and significantly improved in 2, whereas group 2 patients showed significant impairment and improvement in 7 domains. Conclusion: The surgical treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism is associated with durable, statistically significant improvements in health-related quality of life.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1022-1028
Number of pages7
JournalArchives of surgery
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 2002
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