Surgical techniques: Ascending aorta

D. E. Cameron

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Aneurysm and dissention are the most common diseases affecting the ascending aorta. Graft replacement of the ascending aorta is a straightforward cardiovascular procedure with excellent early and late results. When aneurysm or dissection extends into the aortic sinuses or arch, management becomes more complex and may entail replacement of the aortic root, aortic valve, or a portion of the aortic arch using hypothermic circulatory arrest. The optimal root prosthesis depends on several patient- and procedure-related variables. Valve-sparing procedures confer many long- term advantages and should be considered in all cases where the aortic valve leaflets are normal. The Ross procedure, although ideally suited for isolated aortic valve disease in young patients, may be applicable to some patients with combined aortic valve and ascending aortic disease, unless there is evidence of a systemic connective tissue disorder.

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JournalCardiology clinics
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