N. V. Thakor, J. G. Webster

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We present the results of a study of electrodes used in long-term ECG monitoring. Such applications arise in Holter monitoring, ambulatory arrhythmia monitoring, and even stress testing on treadmills. In long-term monitoring several problems related to electrodes must be considered. Electrode adhesion and irritation of the skin by the gel and the adhesive become a problem. Placement of electrodes is crucial to improving adhesion as well as signal to noise ratio (SNR). And finally the quality of the electrodes from different manufacturers using different processes must be studied to determine if their performance is acceptable. We ask questions such as: what are the locations on the chest that give best SNR, and long-term adhesion? What are the artifact levels, and can the artifact be reduced by skin preparation? How long can the electrodes be kept on until they fall off, or cause excessive irritation?

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PublisherAssoc for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
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ISBN (Print)0910275343
StatePublished - Dec 1 1984

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