Cumplimiento en España de la norma de prescribir cuatro fármacos en la fase intensiva del tratamiento estándar de la tuberculosis

Translated title of the contribution: Spanish Compliance With Guidelines for Prescribing Four Drugs in the Intensive Phase of Standard Tuberculosis Treatment

José María García-García, Teresa Rodrigo, Martí Casals, Juan Ruiz-Manzano, Teresa Pascual-Pascual, Joan A. Caylà, R. Agüero, J. L. Alcázar, N. Altet, L. Altube, F. Álvarez Navascués, L. Anibarro, M. Barrón, P. Bermúdez, R. Blanquer, L. Borderías, A. Bustamante, J. L. Calpe, J. A. Caminero, F. CañasF. Casas, X. Casas, E. Cases, R. Castrodeza, J. J. Cebrián, J. E. Ciruelos, A. E. Delgado, M. L. de Souza, D. Díaz, B. Fernández, A. Fernández, J. Gallardo, M. Gallego, M. M. GarcíaClemente, C. García, F. J. García, F. J. Garros, J. A. Gullón, C. Hidalgo, M. Iglesias, G. Jiménez, M. A. Jiménez, J. M. Kindelan, J. Laparra, R. Lera, T. Lloret, M. Marín, J. T. Martínez, E. Martínez, A. Martínez, J. F. Medina, C. Melero, C. Milà, I. Mir, C. Morales, M. A. Morales, V. Moreno, A. Muñoz, L. Muñoz, C. Muñoz, J. A. Muñoz, I. Parra, A. Penas, J. A. Pérez, P. Rivas, J. Rodríguez, J. Ruiz-Manzano, J. Sala, M. Sánchez, P. Sánchez, F. Sanz, M. Somoza, E. Trujillo, E. Valencia, A. Vargas, I. Vidal, R. Vidal, M. A. Villanueva, A. Villar, M. Vizcaya, M. Zabaleta, G. Zubillaga

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Introduction: International and Spanish guidelines recommend a 4-drug regimen in the intensive treatment of tuberculosis (TB). The aim of our study was to determine if these recommendations are followed in Spain, and the factors associated with the use of 3 drugs (standard regimen without ethambutol). Methodology: Observational, multicenter, retrospective analysis of data from patients diagnosed with TB in practically all Spanish Autonomous Communities between 2007 and 2102. Factors associated with the use of 3 drugs were analyzed using logistic regression, and odds ratios (OR) and corresponding 95% confidence intervals (CI) were calculated. Results: A total of 3,189 patients were included, 1,413 (44.3%) of whom received 3 drugs. The percentage of 3-drug users among patients with positive sputum smear was 41.2%; among patients with resistance to at least 1 drug, 36.1%; among HIV-infected patients, 31.4%; and among immigrants, 24.8%. Factors associated with the use of 3 drugs were: female sex (OR = 1.18; CI: 1.00-1.39); native Spanish (OR = 3.09; CI: 2.58-3.70); retired (OR = 1.42; CI: 1.14-1.77); homeless (OR = 3.10; CI: 1.52-6.43); living alone (OR = 1.62; CI: 1.11-2.36); living in a family (OR = 1.97; CI: 1.48-2.65); seen by specialists in the region (OR = 1.37; CI: 1.10;1.70); no HIV infection (OR = 1.63; CI: 1.09-2.48); and negative sputum smear with positive culture (OR = 1.59; CI: 1.25-2.02). Conclusions: A large proportion of TB patients receive intensive treatment with 3 drugs. TB treatment recommendations should be followed, both in routine clinical practice and by the National Plan for Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in Spain.

Translated title of the contributionSpanish Compliance With Guidelines for Prescribing Four Drugs in the Intensive Phase of Standard Tuberculosis Treatment
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)262-268
Number of pages7
JournalArchivos de Bronconeumologia
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 1 2016
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  • Tuberculosis

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