Southwest Oncology Group strategies in prostatic carcinoma

E. D. Crawford, M. Hussain, E. P. DeAntoni, I. M. Thompson, Mario Eisenberger, B. Blumenstein, C. A. Coltman

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The Southwest Oncology Group Genitourinary Committee evolved in 1978 from a combined gynecologic urologic cancer committee. A significant catalyst in this development was the growing interest in prostatic carcinoma, with an initial focus on hormone refractory disease. Clinical studies have expanded into combined androgen blockade, untreated metastatic disease and localized prostate cancer. Since 1978, more than forty trials in prostatic carcinoma have been conducted. Currently, seven are in progress or under development. Conclusions and future directions are reviewed.


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Crawford, E. D., Hussain, M., DeAntoni, E. P., Thompson, I. M., Eisenberger, M., Blumenstein, B., & Coltman, C. A. (1995). Southwest Oncology Group strategies in prostatic carcinoma. Seminars in Surgical Oncology, 11(1), 60-64.