So you think you want to save the world

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There is increasing interest among both medical and other professional communities in becoming involved in global health, development, and other charitable work. There has also been a proliferation of opportunities in the field. Nonetheless, it is still difficult to find practical information on the daily realities of development work or advice on the difficulties inherent to this type of work. This article is intended for individuals who are interested in becoming involved in global health and development work. Through a discussion that touches on development economics, the history, psychology, and current state of development aid, the common conflicts, as well as the rewards of development work, this article aims to prepare the interested individual for the experience of global health and development work. The article also provides practical suggestions and references for those searching for an opportunity in the field, with an emphasis on global health opportunities.

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JournalYale Journal of Biology and Medicine
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StatePublished - Sep 1 2011
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