Sexual Function and Childbirth

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Objective: This manuscript reviews the potential impact of cesarean delivery on maternal sexual function. Finding: The majority of new mothers resume intercourse within the first 3 months after delivery. However, during the first year after delivery, the majority of women experience at least one problem related to sexual function. The question with respect to maternal-choice cesarean is whether this obstetrical intervention affects maternal sexual function. We review the available evidence regarding sexual function after cesarean delivery and present several plausible mechanisms by which route of delivery could impact long-term postpartum sexual function. Conclusion: Further research is needed to investigate whether maternal-choice cesarean delivery affects female sexual function.

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Pages (from-to)253-256
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JournalSeminars in Perinatology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Oct 1 2006


  • childbirth
  • pregnancy
  • sex disorders
  • sexuality

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