Role of the left interventricular sulcus in formation of the interventricular septum and crista supraventricularis in normal human cardiogenesis

M. A G M Meredith Hutchins, G. W. Moore

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    Serial sections of normal human embryos were studied and three-dimensional images reconstructed to determine the early development of the intraventricular septum. The position of the interventricular septum is determined in stage 9 of normal development by the formation of the left interventricular sulcus. As a result of unknown properties of the cells of the myocardial layer, the left interventricular sulcus persists while the right disappears, producing the initial lateral asymmetry of the primary heart tube. By stage 14, the left interventricular sulcus forms a spiral which is continuous with the developing interventricular septum. The dorsal limb of the spiral passes to the right between the atrioventricular canal and the origin of the outflow tract, and is lost in the wall of the trabeculated right ventricle. It appears that this dorsal limb of the spiral is the precursor of part of the cirsta supraventricularis. The midportion of the sulcus, the bulboventricular groove, becomes the so-called fibrous continuity between the aortic and mitral valves. The ventral limb of the spiral passes caudally in the anterior interventricular groove and then dorsally and cranially toward the dorsal cushion of the atrioventricular canal. The ventral limb of the spiral is continuous with the crest of the muscular interventricular septum, which develops by apposition of tissue from the expanding right and left ventricles. From stage 14 to stage 19, the muscular interventricular septum, the atrioventricular endocardial cushions, and the ventricular end of the spiral ridges of the outflow tract appose and fuse. Subsequent formation of the membranous interventricular septum completes the physical separation of the right and left ventricles.

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    JournalAnatomical Record
    Issue number3
    StatePublished - 1979


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