Renin and angiotensinogen expression during the evolution of diabetes

A. D. Everett, J. Scott, N. Wilfong, B. Marino, R. P. Rosenkranz, T. Inagami, R. A. Gomez

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The expression of renin and angiotensinogen genes and their proteins were studied during the progression of diabetes using adult BioBreeding spontaneously diabetic rats at 1 day and 2-12 months of diabetes. The number of renin-stained cells per juxtaglomerular apparatus was determined by immunocytochemistry. Initially, at 2 months of diabetes the number of renin- stained cells per juxtaglomerular apparatus increased significantly (p<0.0001, 2 months versus resistant groups) and was followed by a decrease in the number and intensity of renin-stained cells after 12 months of diabetes (p=0.007, 2 months versus 12 months). A significant negative correlation was observed between the number of renin-containing cells and the duration of diabetes (r=0.99, p=0.014). Immunoreactive angiotensinogen was restricted to the proximal tubule and appeared increased after 4 and 8 months of diabetes as compared with the 2- and 12-month diabetic groups. Renin messenger RNA (mRNA) levels increased with the onset of diabetes and decreased markedly during chronic diabetes. At 1 day of diabetes, renin mRNA levels were 700% higher than at 12 months of diabetes. Angiotensinogen mRNA levels were unchanged. We conclude that diabetes results in an initial increase in renin gene expression, and as the duration of diabetes lengthens, there is a progressive decrease in renin gene expression and in the number of cells containing renin. These findings suggest that as the duration of diabetes and the age of the animal lengthens, there is a decrease in the number of cells expressing the renin gene.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)70-78
Number of pages9
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1992
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  • BioBreeding rats
  • Northern blotting
  • Wistar-Furth rat
  • diabetes
  • immunohistochemistry
  • kidney
  • messenger RNA

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