Regulation of static and dynamic ocular alignment in patients with trochlear nerve pareses

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Ocular alignment and saccades were studied in seven patients with trochlear nerve pareses, before and after strabismus surgery. Prior to surgery, a position-dependent vertical ocular misalignment was present, and downward saccades were hypometric in the paretic eye. Strabismus surgery reduced the magnitude and position-dependence of the static misalignment. Saccade conjugacy improved in the patients with congenital pareses, and in the patient with a gradual-onset acquired paresis, but less improvement occurred in subjects with traumatic pareses. The post-operative change in saccade conjugacy relative to the change in static alignment correlated with pre-operative vertical vergence, suggesting that changes in saccade yoking depend on an interaction between saccades and vertical vergence.

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JournalVision Research
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StatePublished - Dec 1995


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  • Eye movements
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  • Strabismus
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