Readmission within 30 days of hospital discharge among children receiving chronic dialysis

Tamar Springel, Benjamin Laskin, Susan Furth

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Background and objectives The hospital admission rate for children receiving chronic dialysis has been increasing over the last decade. Approximately one third of patients with ESRD age 0-19 years are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge. The objective of this study was to examine hospital readmissions among a cohort of children receiving chronic dialysis to identify factors associated with higher rates of 30-day readmission. Design, settings, participants, & measurementsAretrospective cohort of index admissionswas developed among chronic dialysis patients age 3 months to 17 years at free-standing children's hospitals reporting information to the Pediatric Hospital Information System between January 2006 and November 30, 2010, and followed until December 31, 2010. The primary outcome was any-cause 30-day readmission, and the secondary outcome was 30-day readmission for a cause similar to that of the index hospitalization. Results In this cohort, 25% of hospital admissions were followed by a readmission within 30 days. Children older than 2 years of age had a lower odds of readmission (odds ratio [OR], 0.6; 95%confidence interval [95%CI], 0.5 to 0.8). Those receiving hemodialysis had a higher risk of readmission (OR, 1.2; 95% CI, 1.0 to 1.4), and admissions.14 days were also more likely to be followed by a readmission (OR, 1.5; 95% CI, 1.1 to 2.0). Approximately 50% of the readmissions were for a similar diagnosis as the index admission; however, the specific admitting diagnosis was not associated with readmission. Conclusions A significant number of admissions among children receiving long-term dialysis are followed by readmission within 30 days. Further investigation is required to reduce the high rate of readmissions in these children.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalClinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 7 2014
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