Promoting new approaches for cancer care in the middle East

M. Silbermann, D. E. Epner, H. Charalambous, L. Baider, C. M. Puchalski, L. Balducci, M. Gultekin, R. F. Abdalla, M. Daher, M. R. Al-Tarawneh, T. J. Smith

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Cancer is now the fastest growing killing disease in the Middle East. Accordingly, there is an urgent need to train local health professionals: Oncologists, Palliative Care experts, Oncology Nurses, Psychologists, along with social workers, physiotherapists and spiritual counselors on strategies for early detection, curative therapies and palliation. Professionals in the region, along with the public, need to convince medical administrators, regulators and policymakers about investing in education and training of YOUNG professionals, As well as those with already proven experience in cancer care. Training is the basis for any future cancer care program, which aims at the integration of palliative care practices into standard oncology care across the trajectory of the illness.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbermdt267
Pages (from-to)vii5-vii10
JournalAnnals of Oncology
Issue numberSUPPLEMENT7
StatePublished - Oct 2013

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  • Hematology
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