Pharmacological examination of the neurokinin-1 receptor mediating relaxation of human intralobar pulmonary artery

Karen E. Pedersen, Carl K. Buckner, Sonya N. Meeker, Bradley J. Undem

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The effect of selective tachykinin receptor agonists and antagonists on human isolated intralobar pulmonary arterial rings was investigated. Neither Substance P (SP) nor neurokinin A (NKA) contracted the arteries. Both of these agonists, however, were potent and efficacious at relaxing the arteries that were precontracted with phenylephrine. The negative log (M) EC50 values for SP and NKA were 9.0 and 8.3, respectively. The neurokinin (NK)-3 selective agonist, senktide-analog, and the NK-2 receptor selective agonist, [β-Ala8]NKA(4-10), caused neither contractions nor relaxations of the arteries, whereas the NK-1 receptor agonist Ac-[Arg6, Sar9, Met(O2)11]SP(6- 11) (ASM-SP) relaxed the tissue with a potency similar to SP. The relaxations to SP, NKA, and ASM-SP were competitively antagonized by the selective NK-1 receptor antagonist CP 99994, with a pK(b) in the nanomolar range. Antagonism of the ASM- SP-induced relaxations was also noted with FK 888, RP 67580, and L 732,138, although these antagonists were much less potent than CP 99994 in this regard. Another NK-1 receptor selective antagonist, SR 140333, caused an insurmountable antagonism of the SP-induced relaxations. The NK-1 receptor- mediated relaxations could be blocked by removing the endothelium, or by a combination of N-nitro-L-arginine and indomethacin. Measurement of prostanoid generation revealed that in endothelial-intact but not endothelial-denuded tissue, ASM-SP caused a selective increase in the production of 6-keto- PGF1α, the stable metabolite of prostacyclin. The results indicate that stimulation of NK-1 receptors leads to relaxation of human intralobar pulmonary arteries, which is mediated largely by nitric oxide and prostacyclin released from the endothelium of these vessels.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)319-325
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2000

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