Notas sobre la estimacion de la distribucion por edades de los hijos emigrantes sobrevivientes.

Translated title of the contribution: Notes on estimating the age distribution of emigrant surviving children

K. Hill

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"A procedure is described to obtain an age distribution of emigrant surviving children from the reports of such children obtained from women by a census or survey. A simple form of the procedure, requiring a minimum of calculation, is shown to work almost as well as the more elaborate form, and is recommended for most uses. "These new procedures, explicitly introducing an age model of migration, yield age distributions which are substantially different from, and probably more realistic than those obtained through the use of model fertility and mortality schedules alone....The age distributions of migrant children [in Colombia] as obtained in this paper are compared with those obtained by Somoza....The procedure described here produces a total almost 10 percent higher because it shifts the age distribution of the migrant children towards higher ages with lower proportions of surviving mothers." (summary in ENG) excerpt

Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)45-65
Number of pages21
JournalNotas de poblacion
Issue number27
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1981
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