Nitric oxide synthase: Irreversible inhibition by L-NG-Nitroarginine in brain in vitro and in vivo

Mary A. Dwyer, David S. Bredt, Solomon H. Snyder

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Inhibition of nitric oxide (NO) synthase activity by L-NG-Nitroarginine (NO2Arg) in brain preparations is not reversed by dialysis and is enhanced by prolonged preincubation of NO2Arg with the enzyme. By contrast, the weaker inhibition by NO2Arg of macrophage NO synthase is fully reversible. NO2Arg inhibits NO synthase activity in the brain after i.p. administration of 5 or 50 mg/kg. This in vivo inhibition also appears to be irreversible. The potent in vivo inhibition of central NO synthase by NO2Arg may facilitate studies of the physiologic function of NO as a neuronal messenger.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1136-1141
Number of pages6
JournalBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Issue number3
StatePublished - May 15 1991

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