Neuroprosthetics: Past, present and future

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There has been a remarkable convergence in recent years between the biomedical fields of neuroscience and rehabilitation and engineering fields of robotics and prosthetics. This “union” of complementary disciplines has resulted in rapid advances in the robotics and rehabilitation technologies on one hand, and utilization of brain interfaces and brain signals for targeting suitable clinical applications on the other hand. This review will address the slow progress in past, explosive recent developments, and the pending major future challenges to take the science and technology to the patient. I \ review the broad field for neuroprosthesis, from sensory (e.g. tactile) to motor (upper and lower limb) as well as rehabilitation technologies in these fields. I conclude with recent remarkable developments in the field of brain machine interface, how these are impacting the development of neutrally controlled prosthesis and also discuss the challenges of taking the technology to the market and eventually to the patient.

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JournalBiosystems and Biorobotics
StatePublished - 2014

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