Myelin deficiency in hereditary pituitary dwarfism: A biochemical and morphological study

Paul J. Reier, Jean Marie Matthieu, Andrew W. Zimmerman

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Myelin in the central nervous system of 19-day-old Snell’s dwarf mice was studied morphologically and biochemically. The number of myelinated axons per unit area in the corticospinal tract and anterior commissure of dwarf mice was significantly decreased. The distribution of myelinated fibers based upon sheath thickness was normal. The yield of isolated myelin was decreased by 56% in the dwarf but its composition of lipids, proteins, glycoproteins and 2’,3’-cyclic nucleotide 3’-phosphohydrolase activity was nearly equivalent to that of control myelin.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)465-477
Number of pages13
JournalJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology
Issue number6
StatePublished - 1975


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