Multiphasic mobile cancer screening: A positive approach to early cancer detection and control

Henry T. Lynch, William Harlan, Milton Swartz, John Marley, William Becker, Jane Lynch, Carol Kraft, Anne J. Krush

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More than 1,100 patients have been evaluated in an unique multiphasic mobile cancer screening unit. Screening of target organs includes rectum, colon (proctosigmoidoscopy), prostate, pelvic area, skin, lymphatics, oral cavity, and breast, including mammography and instructions on self‐palpation. In addition, cancer education is disseminated emphasizing such problems as protection against the sun's rays and admonishment against cigarette smoking. Histologically confirmed cancers detected include those of colon, breast, prostate, and lung. Many cancers of the skin have been diagnosed at an early stage. A vigorous effort at follow‐up is in progress but it is incomplete due, in part, to an element of physician delay. Screening of multiple sites seems preferable to focusing upon single sites. Mobile cancer screening is worth trying. This approach could undoubtedly succeed in improving cancer control if supported by the medical community.

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Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 1972
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