Molecular signature of penumbra in acute ischemic stroke: a pilot transcriptomics study

Zurab Nadareishvili, Devon Kelley, Marie Luby, Alexis N. Simpkins, Richard Leigh, John K. Lynch, Amie W. Hsia, Richard T. Benson, Kory R. Johnson, John M. Hallenbeck, Lawrence L. Latour

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We aimed to characterize peripheral blood gene expression profile of penumbra defined as MRI perfusion–diffusion mismatch (PD MM) in peripheral blood of patients with acute ischemic stroke. We studied 23 patients. Perfusion–diffusion mismatch volume was observed to be associated and significantly correlated with the expression of 34 genes including those related to inflammation, SUMOylation, and coagulation; while lipopolysaccharide inhibition was identified to be a candidate upstream regulator of these processes (z-score −2.38, P = 0.04). Penumbral volume is correlated with a specific gene expression profile in the peripheral blood characterized by overlap of inflammatory and neuroprotective pathways that are regulated by lipopolysaccharide inhibition.


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