MO‐A(SAM)‐211‐03: Dosimetry in Pregnant Patients Undergoing CT and Fluoroscopy

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This session will include discussions on estimating fetal dosimetry in patients undergoing CT and Fluoroscopy. Even though patients are screened for potential pregnancy, imaging is done on patients who are later found to be pregnant. In many instances, x‐ray imaging is performed even it is known that the patient is pregnant since the life‐saving situations trumpets the x‐ray risks, such as in emergency situations (trauma patients) and complications during pregnancy. Medical physicists are often consulted to estimate fetal dosimetry retrospectively. In such cases, fetal exposure can be estimated by many different methods. Such methods will be discussed in this session with focus on CT and Fluoroscopy procedures. Educational Objectives: 1. To become familiar with estimating fetal dose due to CT and Fluoroscopy. 2. To understand the radiation dose and risk of imaging pregnant patients.

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JournalMedical Physics
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StatePublished - 2011

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