MK-0991 Merck & Co

Andreas H. Groll, Thomas J. Walsh

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Merck is developing the echinocandin-type antifungal, MK-0991 (L-743872), a β-1,3-ghican synthesis inhibitor. It is currently undergoing phase III trials for the potential treatment of systemic fungal infections 1319225]. The compound entered phase U clinical trials in late 1996 [219962]. It was administered iv once daily and showed antifungal activity in vitro and in vivo against Candida (including azoleresistant Candida), Aspergillus and certain other fungi [220110,220115,219966]. Vie in vitro activity of MK-0991 lias been confirmed by several studies [275110]. In November 1998, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter predicted worldwide sales of US $40 million in 2000, rising to $275 million in 2005 [315380]. In February 1999, Credit Suisse Dean Witter predicted sales of US $65 million in 2001, rising to $330 million in 2002 [319895]. In February 1999, Lehman Brothers predicted 60% probabilities of US and ex-US market penetrations and launch onto these markets by 2000. Expected sales are predicted to be US $15 million (in the US) and US $10 million (ex-US) in 2000, rising to $200 million and $175 million respectively in 2002. Peak annual sales of $500 million (US) and $500 million (ex-US) are predicted in 2008 [319225].

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