Mapping homeostatic synaptic plasticity using cable properties of dendrites

B. N. Queenan, K. J. Lee, H. Tan, R. L. Huganir, S. Vicini, D. T.S. Pak

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When chronically silenced, cortical and hippocampal neurons homeostatically upregulate excitatory synaptic function. However, the subcellular position of such changes on the dendritic tree is not clear. We exploited the cable-filtering properties of dendrites to derive a parameter, the dendritic filtering index (DFI), to map the spatial distribution of synaptic currents. Our analysis indicates that young rat cortical neurons globally scale AMPA receptor-mediated currents, while mature hippocampal neurons do not, revealing distinct homeostatic strategies between brain regions and developmental stages. The DFI presents a useful tool for mapping the dendritic origin of synaptic currents and the location of synaptic plasticity changes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)206-216
Number of pages11
StatePublished - Feb 19 2016


  • AMPA receptors
  • Current shape
  • Dendritic filtering index
  • Dendritic origin
  • Homeostatic synaptic plasticity
  • mEPSC slope

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