Management of post-photorefractive keratectomy pain

Fasika A. Woreta, Arusha Gupta, Bradley Hochstetler, Kraig S. Bower

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Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is a refractive procedure gaining popularity that eliminates the risk of ectasia and flap complications that can occur after laser in situ keratomileusis. Post-operative discomfort is a major drawback after PRK and thus the management of pain and discomfort following PRK is of great importance. We summarize corneal pain pathways and summarize current approaches to pain management after PRK.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)529-535
Number of pages7
JournalSurvey of ophthalmology
Issue number6
StatePublished - Nov 1 2013


  • Epi-LASIK
  • Gabapentin
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
  • Pain
  • Photorefractive keratectomy
  • Sumitriptan
  • Topical anesthetics
  • Topical morphine

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  • Ophthalmology


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