Long-term outcomes of Boston type 1 keratoprosthesis implantation: A retrospective multicenter cohort

Divya Srikumaran, Beatriz Munoz, Anthony J. Aldave, James V. Aquavella, Sadeer B. Hannush, Robert Schultze, Michael Belin, Esen Karamursel Akpek

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Design Retrospective, multicenter case series.

ParticipantsA total of 158 eyes of 150 patients underwent KPro implantation at 5 participating tertiary centers in the United States between January 2003 and December 2006. Of those, 139 eyes of 133 patients were included in the analyses.

Purpose To study the long-term outcomes of Boston type 1 keratoprosthesis (KPro) surgery.

Methods The medical records of consecutive adult patients who received KPro surgery were reviewed. All patients with at least 1 postoperative visit were retained in the outcomes analyses. In eyes in which a repeat KPro procedure was performed, only the outcomes of the initial surgery were analyzed.

Main Outcome Measures Visual acuity (VA) outcomes, postoperative complications, and device retention.

Results The mean follow-up was 46.7±26 months with all but 4 eyes having at least 6 months of follow-up. Preoperatively, only 10.8% of the eyes had VA of ≥20/200. Postoperatively, the VA in 70% of eyes improved to ≥20/200. The probability of maintaining VA of ≥20/200 at 7 years was 50%. The device retention rate was estimated at 67% at 7 years. The 7-year cumulative incidence of complications was 49.7% for retroprosthetic membrane formation, 21.6% for glaucoma surgery, 18.6% for retinal detachment, and 15.5% for endophthalmitis.

Conclusions Although the risk for complications with longer follow-up seemed to increase, this large multicenter cohort demonstrates favorable outcomes with KPro, with a large number of patients achieving and retaining useful vision over a 7-year period.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2159-2164
Number of pages6
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1 2014

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