Living and working abroad as a neurologist

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More American neurologists may consider the possibility of living and working abroad as the world changes in coming years. This option may be particularly appealing to neurologists who are younger or older (and have fewer family responsibilities) and to some in mid-career. Professional life for a neurologist in America is generally secure and well-reimbursed, and the decision to move across the globe is not trivial. On the other hand, many more locales offer favorable practice opportunities as the world generally becomes wealthier, and health care in some places, like the Middle East and China, is expanding rapidly. Reasons to consider taking a job abroad include the adventure of living in a foreign culture, altruism, unique professional opportunities, a somewhat less rigorous work schedule, vacation travel in areas distant from America, a shared family experience, and occasionally financial benefit. Potential complications include physical safety in some places, cultural incompatibility, language barriers, funding American university education for children, and returning to employment in America.

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JournalNeurology: Clinical Practice
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StatePublished - Dec 2012

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