Interest in quitting and lifetime quit attempts among smokers living with HIV infection

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Introduction: Cigarette smoking is highly prevalent among people living with HIV, and is associated with many negative health outcomes, including death. There is little research on smoking behaviors such as interest in quitting and lifetime quit attempts among smokers living with HIV. Existing research has focused on individual-level characteristics, to the neglect of social environmental characteristics. We explored individual- and social-level characteristics associated with interest in quitting and lifetime nicotine replacement (NRT) or medication use for smoking cessation. Methods: Data are from a study of participants recruited from clinic and community venues originally designed to examine social environmental influences on current/former drug users' HIV medication adherence and health outcomes. This analysis comprised 267 current smokers living with HIV. Chi-square tests were used to describe the sample; logistic regression was used to explore associations between covariates and outcomes. Results: In adjusted analyses, older age (age 54-65: aOR. = 4.64, 95% CI. = 1.59-13.47) and lifetime use of NRT/medications (aOR. = 2.02, 95% CI. = 1.08-3.80) were associated with an interest in quitting smoking. Additionally, older age (age 45-49: aOR. = 3.38, 95% CI. = 1.57-7.26; age 54-65: aOR. = 2.70 95% CI. = 1.20-6.11), White race (aOR. = 3.56, 95% CI. = 1.20-10.62), and having a Supporter who had used NRT/medications for cessation (aOR. = 2.13, 95% CI. = 1.05-4.29) were associated with lifetime NRT/medications use. Conclusions: Findings corroborate prior research concerning individual-level characteristics, and indicate the importance of social-level characteristics in association with prior use of NRT/medications for cessation. Findings have implications for the implementation of cessation interventions for smokers living with HIV.

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  • Cigarette smoking
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  • Social environment
  • Social support

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