Human T-lymphotropic virus type II infection in Vietnamese thalassemic patients

Ming-Tseh Lin, B. T. Nguyen, T. V. Binh, T. V. Be, T. Y. Chiang, L. H. Tseng, Y. C. Yang, K. H. Lin, Y. C. Chen

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Anti-human T-lymphotropic virus type I/II (HTLV-I/II) antibodies were screened by particle agglutination test in a total of 66 patients with thalassemia major who received multiple transfusion from paid donors at the Blood Transfusion Hematology Center of Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam. HTLV-II infection was confirmed in 6 patients (9.1%) by Western blot analysis and/or polymerase chain reaction. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that long terminal repeat sequences of HTLV-II proviruses from 5 thalassemic patients in Vietnam belonged to the same phylogenetic subgroup of HTLV-IIb as those from intravenous drug abusers in North America and Europe. These data shed light on the route of introducing HTLV-II into Vietnam.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1429-1440
Number of pages12
JournalArchives of Virology
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 1997
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Lin, M-T., Nguyen, B. T., Binh, T. V., Be, T. V., Chiang, T. Y., Tseng, L. H., ... Chen, Y. C. (1997). Human T-lymphotropic virus type II infection in Vietnamese thalassemic patients. Archives of Virology, 142(7), 1429-1440.