Hospital-based mortality and morbidity related to induced abortion.

S. F. Begum, H. H. Akhter, H. Kamal, G. M. Kamal

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During 1989-1990, 1301 women were admitted to 3 types of government hospitals in Bangladesh with a diagnosis of abortion. 32.3% (420) cases had had a miscarriage. About 90% of cases presented with an incomplete abortion and bleeding. Around 20% had clinical signs of infection. Serious clinical infections (e.g., generalized peritonitis and septicemic shock) were present in about 6% of induced abortion cases. Induced abortion cases at admission were more likely than spontaneous abortion cases to have mechanical injury, clinical signs of infection, life threatening infections, and signs of renal/cardiac failure and of hypovolemic shock. 90.6% of induced abortion cases were multigravida. Most abortion cases did not know where one can obtain menstrual regulation/abortion services (79.5% for spontaneous and 67.3% for induced abortion cases). Most induced abortion cases (61.7%) chose to terminate the pregnancy because they did not want any more children. Almost 75% experienced a surgical procedure while in the hospital. The case fatality rate for induced abortion was 2.1%. The risk of death was highest for cases who had a serious clinical infection, underwent dilatation and curettage, and whose abortion was induced by insertion of solid sticks and native medicines. Urban dwellers and educated cases were most likely to seek an induced abortion from physicians, nurse midwives, family planning workers, and pharmacists while rural dwellers and less educated cases tended to seek an induced abortion from traditional healers, village doctors, quacks, and their husband/relative/neighbor. The mean number of days in the hospital was 3.3 days for spontaneous abortion cases and 4.6 days for induced abortion cases. Induced abortion cases comprised 8.9% of total OB/GYN admissions and 8.3% of bed occupancy. Induced abortion cases were more likely to need a blood transfusion and more blood than spontaneous abortion cases (0.8 vs. 0.5 units).

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StatePublished - Sep 1 1993
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