Histologic factors of prognostic significance in the glioblastoma multiforme

Peter C. Burger, Robin T. Vollmer

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The pretreatment biopsy specimens from 184 cases of malignant gliomas from The National Brain Tumor Study Group were reviewed in order to determine which, if any, of nine histologic factors were useful in subdividing the glioblastoma multiforme. In the smaller group of cases treated with surgery and supportive care only, there was a strong negative correlation between cellularity and survival. For those cases treated with surgery and radiation only, and for the study as a whole, there was a positive relationship between survival and the presence of a giant cell neoplasm. We have concluded, on the basis of this limited sample of this select group of patients, that this latter feature offers a potential basis for subclassification of the glioblastoma multiforme.

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StatePublished - Sep 1 1980
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