Frequent Loss of pRb2/p130 in Human Ovarian Carcinoma

Giuseppina D'Andrilli, Valeria Masciullo, Luigi Bagella, Tiziana Tonini, Corrado Minimo, Gian Franco Zannoni, Robert L. Giuntoli, John A. Carlson, Dianne Robert Soprano, Kenneth J. Soprano, Giovanni Scambia, Antonio Giordano

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Purpose: RB2/p130, a member of the retinoblastoma gene family, maps to human chromosome 16q12.2, a region in which deletions have been found in several human neoplasms including breast, prostatic, and ovarian carcinoma. We sought to evaluate pRb2/p130 protein expression and function in ovarian carcinoma. Experimental Design: pRb2/p130 expression was detected by immunohistochemical and Western blot analyses in 45 primary ovarian carcinoma samples. Results: Immunohistochemical analysis revealed loss or decrease of pRb2/p130 expression in 18 cases (40%). pRb2/ p130 expression was mostly nuclear and inversely correlated to the tumor grade (P < 0.05). Western blot analysis correlated with immunohistochemical expression. Reverse transcription-PCR followed by Southern blot analysis was performed on a representative set of 20 ovarian carcinomas. RB2/p130 mRNA levels were consistent with protein expression. We found a significant increase in the percentage of G1-phase-arrested cells in CAOV3 and A2780 ovarian carcinoma cell lines after transduction with an adenovirus carrying the RB2/ p130 gene (Ad-CMV-RB2/p130). Conclusions: These data indicate that loss or decrease of pRb2/p130 expression is a frequent event in ovarian carcinoma and is regulated mostly at the transcriptional level. Moreover, pRb2/p130 overexpression is able to arrest cell growth in ovarian carcinoma cells, suggesting the putative role of pRb2/p130 as a tumor suppressor in this malignancy.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3098-3103
Number of pages6
JournalClinical Cancer Research
Issue number9
StatePublished - May 1 2004

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    D'Andrilli, G., Masciullo, V., Bagella, L., Tonini, T., Minimo, C., Zannoni, G. F., Giuntoli, R. L., Carlson, J. A., Soprano, D. R., Soprano, K. J., Scambia, G., & Giordano, A. (2004). Frequent Loss of pRb2/p130 in Human Ovarian Carcinoma. Clinical Cancer Research, 10(9), 3098-3103.