Ihab R. Kamel, Elmar M. Merkle

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As the use of 3T systems evolves into the standard of care for body MR imaging, an in-depth understanding of the differences between body imaging at 3T versus 1.5T becomes critical for all diagnostic imagers. Up until now, a thorough knowledge of protocols, physics, and potential pitfalls in 3T MR imaging of the body has been limited to those radiologists with extensive experience at this higher field strength. Fortunately, with the publication of Body MR Imaging at 3 Tesla by Drs. Ihab Kamel and Elmar Merkle, this knowledge and insight is now available to a wide audience of diagnostic radiologists and other clinical imaging physicians. Drs. Merkle and Kamel are truly authorities in high-field body MR imaging; in this book, they have gathered additional experts from around the world to lend their own proficiency in MR imaging at 3T. The editors have done an outstanding job of choosing clinicians and scientists involved in the development and early adoption of 3T MR imaging of the body, and have created a compendium that will truly impact the field for years to come. It is a particular pleasure for me to write this introduction, as I have had the honor of working closely with Dr. Merkle for over 12 years and with Dr. Kamel for the past 7 years. Watching them produce this textbook is a pleasure only equaled by the satisfaction of reading its content. To you, the reader, I wish many hours of enjoyment and learning in your reading of this book, and I am certain your future patients will benefit from much that you learn in the process!

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2011

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