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Responses by rats were reinforced with food under a second‐order schedule involving fixed‐ratio reinforcement of temporally spaced responses. Requirements of 20, 8, and 3 responses were examined. The typical characteristic of spaced responding was maintained under the ratio schedules: interresponse time distributions were similar to those typically seen, and were not noticeably affected by the ratio value. Comparison of total response rate, correct response rate, and accuracy showed correct response rate to be the most consistently affected by changes in the ratio value. Substantial evidence of schedule control was seen only for correct responses. Incorrect response records were erratic, but rates generally declined as reinforcement was approached. Correct response records were characterized by increasing rate as reinforcement was approached. It was suggested that the pattern of fixed‐ratio performance revealed may be affected by the behavioral unit examined. 1971 Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

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JournalJournal of the experimental analysis of behavior
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StatePublished - Jul 1971
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