Faculty peer review of teaching taskforce: A quantitative descriptive research study for the peer review process

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Background: Peer review of teaching is important for both the faculty and student experience. Enhanced awareness of student learning experiences and a deeper reflection on teaching makes this process attractive to faculty leaders, staff and students. Evidence suggests that teachers who are reviewed gain confidence, anticipate improvement in teaching and are inclined to discuss their teaching with colleagues in the future. Objective: To describe the development of a peer review of teaching process by the Faculty Peer Review of Teaching Taskforce at a school of nursing. Methods: A five-step Design for Six Sigma methodology was used and includes: Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify (DMADV). In keeping with this methodology we: (1) established a Faculty Peer Review of Teaching Taskforce; (2) conducted a literature review on best practices; (3) reviewed peer institution practices; and (4) surveyed faculty to obtain their perspectives on the qualities of good teaching and the peer review of teaching process. Twenty-seven of the 68 full-time faculty members returned Qualtrics surveys (return rate = 39.7%). Results: Review of the literature yielded four major themes, including post-observation discussion and systematic assignment of peer review pairs. Variation in practices across institutions was identified, from formal structured processes, to peer review conducted only in special circumstances. Survey findings revealed that faculty members overwhelmingly endorse the qualities of good teaching, agree that the peer review process should be required, and that peer reviewers should have several years of teaching experience. Conclusions: Our faculty were supportive of a peer review teaching process. As teaching demands continue to increase given the evolving complexities of nursing care, teaching platforms (i.e. online, hybrid), and diverse student body, we hope the process we develop may serve as a model for other higher education schools to enhance and maintain excellence in teaching for both the faculty and student experience.

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JournalNurse Education Today
StatePublished - Nov 2021


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