Erratum: Validity of the agency for healthcare research and quality patient safety indicators and the centers for medicare and medicaid hospital-acquired conditions: A systematic review and meta-analysis (Medical Care (2016) 54:12 (1105-1111) DOI: 10.1097/MLR.0000000000000550)

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It was brought to our attention that the data from 3 of the papers included in our systematic review and meta-analysis had their data republished in a fourth article that was also included in the data analysis. Despite our best efforts to account for the possibility of publication of the same data in >1 article, we did not ascertain this to be the case for these 3 articles in our initial review and analysis. The 3 articles that had their data republished in Rosen (2012) (confirmed by one of the authors) were Borzecki (2011); Kaarafani (2011); and Cevasco (2011). As such, these 3 articles need to be removed from our analysis. According to our a priori criterion of only relying on meta-analysis of Patient Safety Indicators/Hospital Acquired Conditions (PSIs/HACs) measures for which there were at least 3 articles to inform our conclusions, we present the following correction: (1) Only PSI-12 continues to have data from 3 or more studies. Meta-analysis for PSI-12 yields a PPV of 59.6% [95% confidence interval (CI), 51.8-67.5]. This is shown in Figure 1 of this correction. Our original meta-analysis for PSI-12 had a PPV of 63.5% (95% CI, 44.3%-82.7%) with considerable heterogeneity (I2 = 93.9%). This new result falls below our cutoff of 80%. (2) We also presented in the original article pooled results for PSI/HAC measures that only had 2 articles. We did this, despite our a priori criterion, to help inform readers what that result would look like should they be interested. Several of the PSIs/HAC measures that were available for proper meta-analysis in the original paper no longer meet that criterion and now fall into the 2-article group. In addition, other PSIs now have 2 articles for this calculation after re-review of all of the literature within our a priori determined publication time frame. Pooled results for the PSIs that now have only 2 datasets are as follows (Fig. 2): (Figure Presented).

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