Efficacy of intra-tendinous injection of platelet-rich plasma in treating tendinosis: Comprehensive assessment of a rat model

Benjamin Dallaudière, Marta Lempicki, Lionel Pesquer, Liliane Louedec, Pierre Marie Preux, Philippe Meyer, Vincent Hummel, Ahmed Larbi, Lydia Deschamps, Clement Journe, Agathe Hess, Alain Silvestre, Paul Sargos, Philippe Loriaut, Patrick Boyer, Elisabeth Schouman-Claeys, Jean Baptiste Michel, Jean Michel Serfaty

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Objectives: To assess the potential of intra-tendinous injection of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to treat tendinosis (T+) in a rat model of patellar and Achilles T+, and evaluate its local toxicity. Methods: Thirty rats (120 patellar and Achilles tendons) were used. We induced T+ into 80 tendons (patellar = 40, Achilles = 40) by injecting collagenase at day 0 under ultrasound (US) guidance. Clinical examination and US at day 3, followed by US-guided intra-tendinous injection of either PRP (PRPT+, n = 40) or physiological serum (ST+, n = 40, control). Follow-up was at days 6, 13, 18 and 25 using clinical, US and histological evaluation. To study PRP toxicity, we injected PRP into 40 normal tendons (PRPT-) and compared with 40 untreated normal tendons (T-). Results: All PRPT+ showed better joint mobilisation compared with ST+ at day 6 (P = 0.005), day 13 (P = 0.02), day 18 (P = 0.003) and day 25 (P = 0.01). Similar results were found regarding US and histology, with smaller collagen fibre diameters (day 6, P = 0.003, day 25, P ≤ 0.004), less disorganisation and fewer neovessels (day 6, P = 0.003, day 25, P = 0.0003) in PRPT+ compared with ST+. Comparison between PRPT- and T- showed no PRP toxicity (P = 0.18). Conclusions: Our study suggests that mono-injection of PRP in T+ improves tendon healing, with no local toxicity. Key Points: • We assessed the potential of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to treat tendinosis. • We treated patellar and Achilles tendinosis in a rat model. • We evaluated clinical, imaging and histological data. • Intra-tendinous PRP injection could be useful in the treatment of tendinosis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2830-2837
Number of pages8
JournalEuropean Radiology
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 2013
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  • Platelet
  • PRP
  • Rat
  • Tendinosis
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