Effects of THIP on chronic anxiety

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The effects of THIP, a GABA agonist, were examined in patients with anxiety disorders. Eight patients were prescribed THIP (5-20 mg) to be taken three times a day for 2 weeks in a single-blind study, with placebo conditions preceding and following the active drug period. Anxiety ratings significantly decreased on several measures during active drug treatment and increased again with placebo administration. However, the anxiolytic effects of THIP appeared to be weak and occurred at, or close to dose levels which induced sedation and undesirable side effects. As with other GABA agonists and GABA-mimetic drugs, side effects included giddiness, depersonalization, poor concentration, and transitory delirious states, suggesting that excessive stimulation of the GABAergic system may disrupt normal brain functioning.

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StatePublished - Jul 1 1983


  • Anxiolytics
  • GABA
  • GABA agonists
  • THIP

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