Dopamine transporter imaging with novel, selective cocaine analogs

U. Scheffel, Robert F Dannals, Dean Foster Wong, F. Yokoi, F. I. Carroll, M. J. Kuhar

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RTI-121 and RTI-122 are 3p-substituted phenyltropane analogs of cocaine that have high, selective binding affinity for dopamine transporters. [,23I]RTI-121 and [123I]RTI-122 bind to dopamine transporters in vivo after intravenous administration and permit imaging of the transporters.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)969-972
Number of pages4
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 1992



  • Cocaine
  • Dopamine transporter
  • Dopamine uptake
  • RTI-121
  • RTI-122
  • RTI-55
  • SPECT imaging

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  • Neuroscience(all)

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Scheffel, U., Dannals, R. F., Wong, D. F., Yokoi, F., Carroll, F. I., & Kuhar, M. J. (1992). Dopamine transporter imaging with novel, selective cocaine analogs. NeuroReport, 3(11), 969-972.