Domestic violence among south asian women: An ecol ecological perspective

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Domestic violence among South Asian women is a major social and public health concern. Although domestic violence is a problem in all communities, manifestations of domestic violence among South Asians is rooted in socio-cultural factors such as patriarchal family structures, rigid gender norms, and justification of domestic violence when women are viewed as not confirming to expected gender norms. Using an ecological perspective, this chapter reviews the literature on risk and protective factors and outcomes of domestic violence among South Asian women. The focus is on macro- level factors (e.g., cultural beliefs, traditional gender norms), exosystem-level factors (e.g. access to resources, community sanctions against domestic violence), micro-system factors (e.g., relationship conflict, alcohol problems) and individual-level factors (e.g., socio-demographic characteristics such as young age, low socio-economic status). The chapter identifies barriers at different ecological levels that affect responses to violence. An examination of factors at ecological levels is critically important for informing strategies and programs which eliminate risk and protect women from exposure to violence and its negative effects. Finally, the chapter discusses practice and policy implications.

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