Development of socio-communicative skills in 9- to 12-month-old individuals with fragile X syndrome

Peter B. Marschik, Katrin D. Bartl-Pokorny, Jeff Sigafoos, Leo Urlesberger, Florian Pokorny, Robert Didden, Christa Einspieler, Walter E. Kaufmann

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    We investigated the early socio-communicative development of individuals with fragile X syndrome (FXS) by undertaking a retrospective analysis of family videos. Videos were analyzed to identify existing communicative forms and functions. Analyses were undertaken on seven children who were later diagnosed with FXS. The children were filmed when they were 9-12 months old and before being diagnosed. Fourteen different communicative forms and six different communicative functions were observed. All participants were observed to express the functions of 'Attention to self' and 'Answering', but none indicated 'Requesting action', 'Requesting information', 'Choice making', or 'Imitating'. Results suggest that children with FXS may have a limited range of communicative forms and functions when they are from 9 to 12 months of age. However, further research is necessary to gain a specific developmental profile of socio-communicative forms and functions in FXS.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)597-602
    Number of pages6
    JournalResearch in Developmental Disabilities
    Issue number3
    StatePublished - Mar 2014



    • Communication impairment
    • Fragile X syndrome
    • Home videos
    • Socio-communicative development
    • Speech-language development
    • Video analysis

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    • Developmental and Educational Psychology
    • Clinical Psychology

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    Marschik, P. B., Bartl-Pokorny, K. D., Sigafoos, J., Urlesberger, L., Pokorny, F., Didden, R., Einspieler, C., & Kaufmann, W. E. (2014). Development of socio-communicative skills in 9- to 12-month-old individuals with fragile X syndrome. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 35(3), 597-602.