Development and implementation of an alcohol withdrawal protocol using a 5-item scale, the Brief Alcohol Withdrawal Scale (BAWS)

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Background: The standard of care for management of alcohol withdrawal is symptom-triggered treatment using the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol (CIWA-Ar). Many items of this 10-question scale rely on subjective assessments of withdrawal symptoms, making it time-consuming and cumbersome to use. Therefore, there is interest in shorter and more objective methods to assess alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Methods: A 6-item withdrawal scale developed at another institution was piloted. Based on comparison with the CIWA-Ar, this was adapted into a 5-item scale named the Brief Alcohol Withdrawal Scale (BAWS). The BAWS was compared with the CIWA-Ar and a withdrawal protocol utilizing the BAWS was developed. The new protocol was implemented on an inpatient unit dedicated to treating substance withdrawal. Data was collected on the first 3 months of implementation and compared with the 3 months prior to that. Results: A BAWS score of 3 or more predicted CIWA-Ar score ≥8 with a sensitivity of 85.3% and specificity of 65.8%. The demographics of the patients in the 2 time periods were similar: the mean age was 45.9; 70.6% were male; 30.9% received concurrent treatment for opioid withdrawal; and 14.2% were receiving methadone maintenance. During the BAWS phase, patients received significantly less diazepam (mean dose 81.4 vs. 60.3 mg, P <.001). There was no significant difference in length of stay. No patients experienced a seizure, delirium, or required transfer to a higher level of care during any of the 664 admissions in either phase. Conclusions: This simple protocol utilizing a 5-item withdrawal scale performed well in this setting. Its use in other settings, particularly with patients with concurrent medical illnesses or more severe withdrawal, needs to be explored further.

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  • Alcohol-related disorders
  • alcohol withdrawal
  • benzodiazepines
  • substance withdrawal syndrome
  • symptom-triggered therapy

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